Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns
By submitting the order, the customer declares that he / she has understood the legal and data protection statement and has taken note of it and considers it binding on him / her.
You will receive automatic notification of your order by email. The order will be processed within 24 hours and we will then notify the customer of the expected date of delivery and the amount of the payment obligation incurred by the order.
The products offered can be categorized as follows:
Alloy wheels, rubber, towing superstructures, power transmission parts, brake chassis parts, exhausts, lamps, engine oils, seats, towers.
The prices displayed for the products include the statutory VAT, but do not include the home delivery fee. Separate packing costs may be charged in pre-arranged cases!
The price of all our products is already included in the current VAT!
Ordering information
Purchase is possible without registration, if you want to compile the contents of the basket at the next purchase, it may be practical to register.
Unregistered shopping is only possible via email, but please register to receive easier, faster and smoother purchases, just enter your email address and shipping information!
Processing orders
Orders are processed on working days from 9 am to 4 pm. It is also possible to place an order outside of the time specified for processing the order, if it is done after the end of the working time, it will be processed on the next working day (but no later than within 72 hours).
Our company provides a telephone service for contact, in which the customer contacting us is not charged for the call.
In any case, our customer service will confirm by phone or email when you can complete your order. General deadline for completion within 2-14 business days (depending on stock and supplier) from confirmation. Our company is not responsible for any technical changes made without prior notice to the supplier or for reasons beyond its control. We reserve the right to refuse partially confirmed orders in whole or in part. Partial performance can only take place after consultation with the customer! In case of prepayment of the purchase price of the product, it will be returned to the sender of the amount.
Order process
1. Place the product you want to buy in the basket
2. If you want to add more products to your cart, select the "Continue shopping" button. If you do not want to buy an additional product, check the number of items you want to buy and the price. Click the "delete" button to delete the contents of the cart. When you enter a quantity, the contents of the cart will be updated automatically if this does not happen, select the "refresh basket" button.
3. Choose delivery / payment method.
4. Ordering
5. Shipping / Billing or Entering Data / If you have already registered you can log in. / No registration required to send your order! If you want to register, you can log in as a registered user in the future and send your order immediately without specifying shipping and billing information! It is important to be aware of the accuracy of the data as the product is invoiced or delivered based on the data provided. You will have to complete the registration once, and you will not have to complete this step for future purchases.
6. Once you have entered the data, you can send your order by clicking on the "Order" button, but you can check the details once again or send a comment with your order. (eg color of the device or product). Sending an order entails a payment obligation !!
7. You will receive a confirmation email after the order has been sent.
8. In any case, your order will be confirmed by phone and the data will be reconciled.

Payment Terms
Payment methods:
* bank transfer,
* Receipt
Shipping costs are not included in the price of the product. Prices are gross prices, in HUF. The invoice is included in the package.

In the case of bank prepayment, the delivery is subject to the crediting of the full amount specified by the webshop, including the shipping cost, to the designated bank account. In this case, home delivery charges are more favorable. Please contact our customer service for details.
Bank Account: 11745035-21001532 Otpbank, Jazini Bt.
Upon receipt, the ordered product must be paid to the courier upon receipt of the package. The total amount to be paid includes all costs based on the order summary and confirmation letter. The invoice and the warranty letter are included in the package. Please, check the package before delivery to the courier and, in case of damage to the products, ask for a record and do not take the package. We cannot accept a post-minutes complaint without a record!
The company will not charge a fee in excess of the cost it has incurred in connection with the payment method for the payment method.
Home delivery rates
The pick-up fee (HUF 100,000 up to 500Ft, over 1000 HUF) will be charged separately (in case of Paypal payment method the fee is 3%). If you wish to pay by prepayment or if you do not ask for parcel delivery with your parcel delivery, please contact customer service where we will be happy to provide you with information about current shipping options for the selected options.
(Shipping costs:
Post Awards (Domestic)
Weight After Sales Forward Reference
20kg to 2000ft 1500 Ft
30kg 3000ft 2500Ft
40kg 4000Ft 3500ft
50kg to 9000F 9500ft
60kg 11000ft 10500ft
Over 100000ft + 500ft
Home delivery, information
Orders from our webshop are executed by MPL. Packages are delivered on working days between 8am and 5pm. If you are not at home during this period, you should provide a job address as a shipping address (if available). The date of delivery is indicated by telephone or email. The courier service attempts to deliver twice the delivery costs of the unpacked packages to the customer!
Unpacked packages can be picked up for up to 5 days in your closest mailbox, and the company will be notified! If the address is incorrect, then the package will be returned to us immediately. The shipping cost due to incorrect addressing is charged to the customer if it is incorrectly stated by the customer!
Invitation to receive packages
Only order the products if you can pay the courier for the package upon receipt. In the case of unpacked, returned packages, we charge the customer for the return shipping, we can re-send it only in case of prepayment of the price of the package!

Delivery of the package
Please note that if you notice any signs of damage to the packaging or contents when the package is delivered, you should unpack and inspect it before the courier. In the event of damage to the product, ask the courier to take the minutes and not take them off, and promptly refuse to accept the receipt by e-mail. Without a protocol, we cannot accept any subsequent complaint.
We offer 6, 12 or 24 months warranty for products, depending on the manufacturer. We will replace products that are defective at the factory or damaged during shipping, but in other cases it is not possible to replace the product. In the event of a product failure, you can find out more about what to do at the address and phone number provided on the warranty sheet provided with your device, or contact us. If there is no warranty letter for the product separately, then the invoice will be covered by warranty management. The cost of delivering the products to the warranty service center is borne by the customer. You can return the defective device directly to our online shop at 5125 Pusztamonostor, Petőfi u. 22. Portal packages are not picked up by our pick-up point, and are always returned to the sender!
The customer can complain to the Consumer Protection Inspectorate of Jász-Nagykun- Szolnok County, address: 5000 Szolnok, Ady Endre u. 35-37., Mailing address: 5001 Szolnok, Pf. 218, phone number (56) 513-336
We are not responsible for any damage resulting from improper use.
Relevant legislation: 151/2003. (IX.22.) Government Decree. in view of the scope, we do not display the law in force, available at composition_doc.cgi?docid=a0300151.

Right of withdrawal

Within 14 days of receipt of the goods, the customer has the right of withdrawal, which can be exercised in writing, by post, by post or by e-mail.
The data sheet for exercising the right of withdrawal is attached to this General Terms and Conditions of Use.
Costs incurred in giving notice of withdrawal and returning the goods shall be borne by the buyer. The product cannot be returned by cash on delivery or in port, so we cannot take it back. After the product has been returned, the price of the product and the most appropriate shipping cost for the product will be returned to the specified bank account within 14 days.
In the case of exercising the right of withdrawal, the consumer is not charged any costs other than the cost of returning the product, but the company may claim compensation for material damage resulting from misuse.
In some cases, however, the consumer does not have the right of withdrawal.
Such cases include:
-For a product whose price depends on fluctuations in money movements that are not controlled by the company.
-Produced specifically at the request of the consumer, according to his / her specific requirements, in the case of rapidly deteriorating foods.
-In the case of sound or images or software, if the package is opened.
After returning the product, the contractor will reimburse the purchase price of the product to the consumer immediately, but no later than within 30 days.

The process of exercising the right of withdrawal
If you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, you may indicate in writing one of our contact details in writing. When posting in writing by post, the time of posting is taken into account. In case of posting by post, you will be required to submit your post as a recommended mailing, so you can verify the date of posting. Return the ordered product by mail or courier to our company. It is important that the costs incurred in returning the product are borne by the Buyer (the company returns it with the price of the product). Upon request, we can notify our contracted courier service about the intention of the parcel to be delivered to the courier when the package is dispatched. Pay special attention to the proper use of the product, as the Buyer will be responsible for the compensation for any damage resulting from improper use.
After the package arrives at our company, a video camera will be used to extract the package and examine the returned product. This is necessary to avoid possible misunderstandings later. (for example, the product returned was damaged or incomplete)
Within 14 days of the return of the product, will refund the purchase price of the product to the bank account number specified by the Customer.

Information about warranty, product warranty, and warranty

1. Warranty
In the case of the faculty of performance of the Jazini Bt.
You have the following warranty claims:
You may ask for the repair of a product. If you do not have the right to do so, you may have to pay the price.
You may also have a reason to believe that this is not the case.
You must disclose the error immediately after discovering it, but not later than within two months of the discovery. At the same time, I would like to do the same thing. In the case of used items, this deadline is up to one year.
You may enforce your warranty against the business. Within six months of delivery, the warranty claim is not the same, have been at the time of completion.

2. Product Warranty

In the case of a defective item (product), you may enforce your warranty or product warranty rights. As a product warranty claim, the repair or replacement of the defective product.
The product is defective if it does not meet the requirements of the product.
You can claim your product within two years of the product being marketed by the manufacturer. You will lose your entity after the deadline.
You may only have a claim against the manufacturer or distributor of the movable item. You must prove that the product is defective when claiming a product warranty.
The manufacturer (distributor) is only exempted from product liability if he can prove that:
• the product not being marketed in the business, or
• the fault was not recognizable at the time of placing on the market
• the product defect.
The manufacturer (distributor) has enough reason to prove the exemption.
Please note that you do not have the right warranty. However, a warranty claim may be made against the manufacturer.

Within 14 days of receipt of the goods, the customer has the right of withdrawal, by post, by post or by e-mail.
In the case of posting, you will need to post your posting. Return the ordered by mail or courier to our company.
5125 Pusztamonostor, Petőfi u. 22nd
It is important that the cost of the product is borne by the buyer.
Please contact us.
After the package arrives at the company. This is necessary to avoid possible misunderstandings later. (for example, the product returned was damaged or incomplete)
Within 14 days of the return of the product, will refund the purchase price.

Reconciliation Board Procedure

The purpose of the procedure is to establish a framework for consumer rights and consumer protection.
Competence of the conciliation body (which conciliation body to bring the consumer to the consumer): If it is a foreign country, it is also the designated authority to represent it.
by location of the company
the name of the competent conciliation body and
address of its registered office.
Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County Arbitration Board
Address: 5000 Szolnok, Verseghy Park 8.
Telephone number: (56) 510-610
Fax Number: (56) 370-005
Name: Dr. Lajkóné dr. Judith Vígh
E-mail address:;

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